Start Something Native

Start Something Native is a primer and guide to planting in Native contexts (intended to supplement the InterVarsity Start Something New handbook).  Please contact the Native InterVarsity department for one on one coaching at

The following table of contents links you to individual articles in the Start Something Native booklet.  Supplementary resources not in the booklet are indented (drafts may only be accessible by authenticated users).  Most recent versions of articles will be linked here and periodically compiled into the printable booklet. 


What Should I Call Them? 
A Native America 101 article to get you oriented

A Brief, Sad History of U.S. - Native Relations DRAFT

A Colonial/Missionary History of Hawai’i  
This brief sample is to give you a sense of how history matters when relating to a particular tribe 

The Spiritual Significance of Seeing the Native Students on Your Campus 
A call to action

Recommendations for Connecting with Native Students
Practical tips for personal relationships

Spiritual Realities in Native Students' Lives DRAFT

Can I Hang a Poster?
A Script for approaching your campus

The Five Thresholds for Native Students
A popular tool contextualized

Native Call to Faith
Using the Big Story

A Simple Land Acknowledgement for Opening Prayers
A prayer with tips for customizing to your campus or event

Further Resources for Native Ministry and Next Steps