By Kate Bellile

Native IV Events at Urbana

Here are two events that Native IV staff will be hosting at Urbana, in addition to the Native lounge! Check back as more events are added, and put these in your calendar!


Cultural Protocol: Honoring Creator, Creation, and His First Peoples--with Moani Nanod-Sitch

12/28 3:30-4:30 pm

Hilton Ballpark Lindbergh

Learn the Creator’s heart to be good guests in every land and with every people by honoring him, his creation, and his first stewards. As you come humbly in your own identity and participate in cultural protocol, experience the Creator’s love and spiritual blessings.


Start Something Native--with Megan Murdock Krischke

12/29 2-3 pm

Marriott Grand Washington Room

Native students are on your campus. Come learn to see and honor these students, build relationships of trust, and create communities where Native students can follow Jesus while honoring their cultures and traditions. Sign up for additional coaching to start something Native on your campus.


Missional Prayer

Native InterVarsity will be hosting a prayer booth in the Missional Prayer area of the America Center. More details to come!

Kate Bellile