Events and Conferences

LiSteN 2019 Immersion Experience
June 15-25, Navajo Nation

LiSteN is a 10-day immersion experience on the Navajo Nation. Our purpose is to build relationships with community members through active listening and a humble posture. Our time will include living in tents or sleeping on church floors, learning to make frybread, studying scripture, engaging in local just & environmental issues, learning Navajo history & language, hearing traditional stories, shearing & butchering sheep, a visit to the Navajo Nation Museum and Chaco Canyon, a flea market, mutton tacos, helping out at the chapter house, etc.

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2019 Ho‘olohe Pono Immersion Experience
July 14-19, O’ahu, Hawaii 
July 20-27, Moloka’i, Hawaii


What is Ho‘olohe Pono?
A group of people of faith (or desire) will Ho‘olohe pono (listen well, intently, rightly and carefully), to various kanaka ‘oiwi (native Hawaiian people) as they educate us by sharing their mo‘olelo (stories) and areas of expertise. We also enter the native community through site visitations to serve.

The native Hawaiian community statistics are staggering and many communities are suffering. Much of the concerns of the kanaka ‘oiwi also go unnoticed or ignored when it comes to historical and present injustices. The church at large has remained silent. Many times the negative stereotypes of Christianity become reinforced by the absence and lack of support of Christians concerning these issues. Are we listening to those that care about the future and betterment of the native Hawaiian people? As the family of Jesus are we showing by our actions that we care? This will benefit not just the kanaka ‘oiwi, but all of Hawai‘i.

For the past 10 years, Hawaiian kupuna (elders) of various communities including, Kalaupapa, taro farmers, workers and restorers of traditional fish ponds, activists, educators and more have come to speak with us and teach us about the Hawaiian community and what they are doing today to malama (care for) their culture.

This program is a live-in immersion, with structured times of communal prayer, worship, and biblical teaching and discussions. Further, communal times of discussing various issues that we as individuals, or community, are engaging (ex. guilt of imperialistic past, racism, poverty, etc) will be provided.

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Would Jesus Eat Frybread? 
Next conference is November,  2019

WJEF is a Native Student Conference for those who are asking questions like “What does it mean to be Native and be a Christian?” and “How does my Native language, culture, world view and perception of time affect my relationship with Jesus?” InterVarsity’s Native Ministries sponsors WJEF? with The Nations Movement and The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

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